Hey Stoopid — how do you lose a million dollar painting?

Legendary rocker Alice Cooper just unearthed a 40-year-old original Andy Warhol painting that had been held up in storage along with his old tour equipment, the singer’s longtime manager Shep Gordon told CNN.

Cooper, 69, was old friends with the pop artist Warhol and he was gifted the painting back in the ’70s when “no one cared really about Andy,” Gordon told the news site of the “Little Electric Chair” red silkscreen artwork, which has never been stretched on a frame.

“Alice’s mother remembered it going into storage,” he explained to the Guardian. “So we went and found it rolled up in a tube.”

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The “Hey Stoopid” singer’s girlfriend at the time Cindy Lang gave him the gift because he often incorporated a mock electric chair in his live show.

"I remember Cindy came to the office and said that she wanted to give Alice the electric chair (painting) for his birthday, and (Warhol’s studio) said she could have one for $2,500," Gordon told CNN.

While “Little Electric Chair” was purchased for just a few thousand, it could reportedly cost millions today, but still needs to be examined and authenticated since the piece is unsigned.

Other “Electric Chairs” images done by Warhol as part of the same series have sold for more than $10 million, according to CNN.

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"My guess is that this would do pretty well, given the celebrity provenance and the quality of the image,” Richard Polsky, who runs an art authentication company told the site.

“But right now, my understanding is that they’re gonna hang it in Alice’s home and enjoy it for a while.”