The just-released names of Beyoncé and JAY-Z’s twins — Rumi and Sir — are generating buzz in the Twitter hive.

Bey and Jay’s fans took to social media to express mixed emotions, including delight (“These are adorable — and very unexpected”) and confusion (“Rumi and Sir Carter? …. It’s definitely different.”)

I'm down with Rumi but what's up with Sir Carter?🤔

Another poster let a gif do the talking for them —“Why? Tell me why?” — clearly indicating being less than keen on the names of Blue Ivy’s younger sibs.

Beyonces kids names are Rumi and Sir Carter. It's almost like they're wanting their kids to go into therapy..

Meanwhile, another poster wondered what impact unusual names would have on them down the road. “Beyonces kids names are Rumi and Sir Carter. It’s almost like they’re wanting their kids to go into therapy.”

Beyoncé and JAY-Z’s twins’ names finally revealed

Sir and Rumi

And already the twinnie rivalry begins, as Rumi is met with mostly approval. But to Sir, not so much love. “Rumi is cute. Sir is… Annoying," said one Twitter user. “I’m down with Rumi but what’s up with Sir Carter?," added another.

I like the name rumi I'm confused on sir though

Seriously, they’ve got a point. Sir is going to get whiplash if he responds everytime he hears someone say, “Excuse me, sir.”

Rumi and SIR?! SIR!?!?!?