Whether you've got a hot date with bae or are scouting for a one-night stand, when it comes to getting lucky, it's only natural to want to put your best foot forward. Or in this case, your best face and hair. There ain't no shame in admitting to switching up your beauty lewk if you're going out with a cutie (or simply prowling nightspots for a part-time lover). I mean, they always say dress for the job you want — I like to think the same applies to beauty and getting the hookup you want.

So, I asked five Allure editors to spill on their beauty routines for when they're lookin' for some lovin'. And let's just say, even I would holla with the quickness.

My go-to date night makeup is just a pumped-up version of my everyday look. I want to feel comfortable but also put in a little more effort. For the eyes, I add soft definition with a natural looking lash and two shadows. My base makeup is what I tend to spend the most time on. Here, I have on a light long-wearing foundation, concealer, cream contour and highlight, and I’ve set everything with powder. I bake my concealer on the areas I tend to get oily. I enhance my cheekbones and jawline with a powder bronzer. I use a natural-looking blush to not take away from the eyes before finishing with a powder highlight, and setting spray so it’s locked in. For lips, I tend to use a shade to help enhance what I’ve already got.

I love soft waves for any occasion. It just makes me want to play with someone’s hair. I kept mine parted in the middle, but will switch to a deep side part when I’m going for more drama.

I feel a little guilty about my go-to date night/trying to pick up a dude night look because it's one of the few times I actually get myself dressed for a guy. I know, I know, I feel like a bad feminist because of it, but at the end of the day, I'm trying to attract a guy and sometimes you have to appeal to their lizard brains in order to get what you want. Guys love a no-makeup makeup look, so I pretty much use that as a reference point and then add my own twist. So yeah, I keep my makeup pretty minimal by dotting concealer around my eyes and mouth area, which are a bit darker than the rest of my face. Gotta even out that skin tone! Then, I do a winged liner because it's a classic and always looks sexy. For me, a simple black wing isn't exciting enough, so I kick it up a notch by running some color under my lower lash line. I finish up with mascara, and natural-looking highlighter and blush. I give my lips a little bit of a neutral, natural gloss, just so I'm not heading out completely bare-lipped.

I love my natural hair texture, so when I'm going out I always have to have defined curls. If my twist-out is still looking good, I wear it like that, but if my curls are getting a little frizzy and undefined, I hop in the shower, wet my hair, add a little leave-in and a curl enhancer and let it air dry. At the time the photo was taken, my hair was cooperating, so there was no need for the extra enhancer. The front part of my hair is a bit stubborn sometimes and won't curl how I want it, so in those instances, I do a little flat twist in the front to keep it out of my face and make it not look like a random ball of frizz.

I'm really into hair that looks even better when it's messed up. So I make it as curly and messy as possible from the start. I usually shampoo my hair with Davines and condition with the same, then any hair oil will do. Right now I use Davines Oi Oil or Arrojo Styling Whip. I take that and scrunch it into my hair when it's sopping wet. It's absolutely necessary that it be sopping. I usually shake my head around simultaneously. I keep scrunching for maximum curlage as I head out. Here, my makeup is so minimal, it's non-existent.

Full disclaimer: I’m actually not looking to get laid right now. Your girl has had one too many bad experiences as of late, so I’m currently calling it quits on coitus until further notice. However, that’s not to say I haven’t mastered a “ho lewk” as I’m sure my lovely editor Jihan would call it. Everyone’s different, but for me it’s all about creating a sultry, “come hither” eye and defining my lips with a liner one or two shades darker than my natural lip tone. I find this combo is a good balance, and you know, generally just makes me feel like my most sensual as fuck self.

Now on to the products. The star of the show here is Jaclyn Hill’s Morphe palette, and you’ll be surprised to learn that I used just two colors: Enchanted and Jada. The latter is a shimmering teal shade with golden flecks throughout, and the former (i.e. the base color) is a super pigmented, almost forest-green hue. Together they make the perfect “colorful” smoky eye, which in my world means as close to black as I can get without being black. (Pro tip: I found these blend really well with just your fingers!) On my lips is my go-to is [Make Up For Ever Aqua Lip Liner in 3C (a medium nude) because it enhances the shape of my lips and imparts a subtly “pouty” effect that I’m very much into. The rest are my daily staples so I’ll leave it there, folks.

First of all, let’s just ignore my hair and outfit for this exercise because this was shot at 11:30 a.m. on a Monday and I always wear my hair down when I go out. But, the makeup! A lot of work goes into looking fairly natural for a date, which is usually the goal. Like, 30 to 40 minutes of mirror time. I contour, use a completely insane cocktail of eyeshadows to achieve a barely-there bronzy smoky eye, and always do a red lip — it’s a long process, but my boyfriend notices when I put in the effort. Or he doesn’t, you’d have to ask him. Either way, I think the secret to getting laid is wearing whatever makeup (or lack thereof) that makes you feel sexy and confident. That’s the magic ingredient. Honestly, that’s probably what my guy is noticing. Some days it’s this full face of makeup that I create with 300 products, and some days I feel great with just a moisturizer and mascara.

When I’m heading to a date (or to my partner’s house, which I was on the day this photo was taken), I typically keep my makeup simple if it’s humid or hot out and more dramatic if New York is blessed with cooler, dryer weather that day. For this look, though, it was the former, so I kept it simple: mussed-up hair featuring a fair amount of dry shampoo (a.k.a. one of the greatest inventions of all time) and easygoing makeup. This includes: medium coverage base makeup with a touch of shimmery peach-pink blush; filled-in and combed brows; a little liquid liner wing from my outer corners to mimic a thin, individual false lash look; two coats of black mascara on the top and bottom lashes; and bit of pink lipstick combined with a sheer raspberry gloss.

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