Peter Frampton comes undone.

The legendary singer showed himself the way off stage on Sunday night after he became furious with a cameraman for panning on the crowd instead of himself while he played a guitar solo at a Minnesota show, the Star Tribune reported.

One of the cameramen for Frampton’s Treasure Island show reportedly showed an audience member holding up the singer’s popular record "Frampton Comes Alive" — leading the rocker to yell out curses into the camera.

The 67-year-old English born folk guitarist then went back and forth with the cameraman in what concertgoer John Krause called a "tug of war" before the singer stormed off stage, according to the Star Tribune.

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Clearly, the cameraman didn’t feel like Frampton feels.

"Peter Frampton was doing a 20 minute solo, and the cameraman and the crowd with the fan showing an album cover. He mentioned it and then a cameraman showed another fan with another album cover," Jeffrey Borg described the situation on Facebook. "He went over to The cameraman and tried to yank the camera out of his hands. He then walked off stage. He came back with the screens off and finished the show."

The "Baby, I Love Your Way" didn’t love the way the cameraman was working it and returned to the stage without the jumbo screens. It was a plain shame, leading fans to voice their discontent that they couldn’t see the singer and the band from afar.

"When you came back there were no more live feed screens for those of us in the back to see any more than a speck of you and the band," one attendee wrote.

Peter Frampton, my hero, had a meltdown & left the stage after a cameraman showed fan's album during a solo #framptonmeltdown #blankscreen

Frampton was opening for the Steve Miller Band at the concert.

A spokesperson for Treasure Island Casino told the Daily Newsthat the set wasn’t cut short due to the brief interruption.

“He saw something he didn’t like from the video board," Kevin Smith, the public relations manager for the resort said. "He walked off stage, a lot of people thought he was done, they were calling for encore."

Frampton spoke with producers and ultimately was granted his request to have the video boards turned off for the remainder of the set — which was two more songs.

Steve Miller Band & Peter Frampton Baby-Pants in Minneapolis MN AT Treasure Island CASINO Summer Concert 23July2017

The production company was hired by Treasure Island and Smith said it is not uncommon that the cameras would turn towards the crowd to "show happy people."

"That’s what they did in this case," Smith told The News.

She had the camera guy sign it!! 😂😂 #millerframptonti #peterframpton #rockstarwaspissed

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Frampton apologized after a Twitter user tweeted at the folk star that they wished he played "Baby, I love your way."

"I appreciate ur understanding & I apologise," he wrote. "I had 2 give you all the show you deserved and things beyond my control changed my MO."