The daughter of ailing pop-art painter Peter Max charged Tuesday that her father’s agent refused to leave the artist’s vacation home in the Virgin Islands amid a fight over his lucrative business.

Max’s daughter, Libra Max, alleges in a petition filed Tuesday in Manhattan Supreme Court that her brother, Adam, let insurance agent Lawrence Moskowitz meddle in family affairs to the point where he started living in the artist’s island retreat.

Max, 79, is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. The siblings each control 40% of his company, ALP.

In late 2015 Moskowitz "unleashed a tirade of threats at Libra Max when she asked him to temporarily vacate Peter Max’s Virgin Islands home (where, apparently, he had taken up residence) so that she and her father could spend Christmas and New Year’s there," papers allege.

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Libra Max, 50, also points the finger at an accountant, Robert Frank, for taking the "astonishing sum" of $3 million from a $15 million insurance payment for artwork damaged by Hurricane Sandy.

"Because of the ferocity of the threats and invective leveled against her by Moskowitz and Frank, Libra Max did not take her father to his own home in St. John," she says in papers.

She says her 52-year-old brother let it all happen.

"Adam Max…has allowed two outsiders — Lawrence Moskowitz and Robert Frank — to enrich themselves at the expense of ALP and the Max family," Libra Max charges.

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Max’s bright, colorful artwork is closely associated with the 1960s and the Summer of Love. His work became a lucrative line of merchandise.

She seeks a judge’s order granting her access to ALM’s business records so she can reassert control of the company. Her petition does not name Moskowitz or Frank as defendants.

Max’s family has previously waged battle in court as his health declined.

In October 2015 Adam Max alleged that Max’s wife, Mary Max, may have attempted to murder the artist.

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Max later called his wife "the love of my life."

Months later, Mary alleged Max’s children — and Moskowitz — had stolen 85 paintings worth over $4 million.

Moskowitz and Adam Max’s attorney, Michael C. Barrows, called the allegations "incendiary" and false.

Moskowitz had simply rented the island home and not done anything improper, Barrows said.

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"Larry and Adam have spent an inordinate amount of time building the Max brand," Barrows said. "Max sales are through the roof."

He added that Frank was "an upstanding and reputable accountant."